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Oil selection

In order to carry out the selection of oil for a car, it is not necessary to know its brand and follow marketing recommendations. You can choose an alternative option and save money. Also consider royal purple vs mobil 1 extended performance

The manufacturer, in contrast to lubricant dealers, recommends the selection of engine oil by car brand based on the performance properties and the required viscosity.

Keep in mind that from almost every manufacturer, you can find lubricants suitable for your car. And the selection of oil for a car should be carried out not only by the brand, but also by the service life of the car.

How to choose engine oil by car make

For each specific engine, the manufacturer determines the brands of oils in relation to the operating conditions of the unit, as well as its design features. The OM for each car contains a list of recommended original branded lubricants, knowing the characteristics of which, you can easily choose an analogue.

In order to carry out the correct selection of oil according to the make of the car and replace the original oil with this oil, you should understand the classification of the oil according to SAE or API.

The basis for choosing a particular lubricant is viscosity, or rather, the change in viscosity relative to the ambient temperature. For an ordinary car enthusiast who operates a car in the middle lane, the selection of oil according to the make of the car, suitable for both summer and winter periods, is most relevant.

The table gives comprehensive information about what kind of oil can be used on new cars, but what about a car, whose resource is almost running out?

Engine oil selection by used car

1. In cases where the actual mileage of your car has not yet reached 25% of the manufacturer's estimated resource, you can select oil for a car as for a new car. For a new engine in the central region of Russia, the following are suitable: 10W30, 5W30.

2. The mileage was from 25% to 75% of the set by the manufacturer. Fill in 5W40 for driving in both winter and summer. If the equipment is operated only in winter - 5W30, only in summer - 10W40 or 15W40.

3. If the vehicle's mileage is already more than 75%, then the selection of oil should be done 2 times a year (before and after winter). Suitable oil grades: in summer 15W40 or 20W40, in winter SAE 10W40 and SAE 5W40.

Selection of transmission oil by car make

Gearbox lubricant should also be selected relative to the manufacturer's recommended viscosity grades.

For domestic VAZ cars with front-wheel drive, oils with a viscosity of SAE 75W-80, SAE 80W-85, SAE 80W-90, with a volume fraction of EP additives up to 4% are recommended. Therefore, the selection of transmission oil by car brand for VAZ can be safely stopped at GL-4 or GL-5.

Selection of engine lubricant by car make

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In general, it is better to choose the same oil by brand (for example, we take lubricant from GM for cars from GM) - everything is extremely simple here. I think you got the essence. But how do you choose a lubricant if your brand doesn't make a lubricant for its cars? Let's figure it out.

Best engine oil: brands and products

When it was time to change the oil, it was time to make a decision. Here's what you need to know in order to choose the best engine oil for your car or truck.

When the oil change interval ends, you have no shortage of choosing the best engine oil to power your engine - there are many options on the market. The hardest part is choosing between the many great brands and features. What is the best motor oil to ask? It depends on the characteristics of your vehicle and the mileage. Most people would say it is best to use a synthetic product, but that doesn't mean that there are no good products in every category of motor oils.